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How Technicolor technical support works

Our Helpdesk will do its best to provide you optimal assistance for solving your DSL problem.
Below are a few steps on how to get the most efficient support:

1) Check if it is a device problem: Please check your ISP settings first: username, password, pre-registration and availabilities of the xDSL subscription line. Make sure that there is no network problem affecting your service. Donít hesitate to make a call to your Internet Service Provider first to be sure. In case of network or line problem, your ISP/Operator is in most cases the best contact. Please note also that the Helpdesk doesnít have a telephone list of ISP support helpdesks.

2) Use your documentation: Did you read the manual? Have you read the FAQs online? Try doing this first; usually you can solve your problem by spending only a few minutes online or by looking at your user guide.

3) Be Prepared: Solving technical issues requires information; the more information you can provide to your support agent, the better. Here are a few things you should have with you when making a call:

    a) Product Information:

      i. Model No., Product part No, and Serial No. (typically located on the label at the bottom of your SpeedTouch product)

    b) Software version

    c) A good description of your computer environment: What are you using in your network? For PC's or MACs, please be ready to provide Hardware description / OS description

    d) What were you doing when the problem occurred?

      i. Specific steps you made before the problem

      ii. Error Messages: Often you will have received an error message. Please make sure you note this down (It can also be very useful to make screenshots of these error messages.)

      iii. With what frequency are you experiencing this problem?

4) Be ready: we will do our best to solve your issue on the first call. Thatís why you should

    i. ensure that it is no default ISP setting parameter, nor network problem affecting your service.

    ii. have the device with you, have your ISP username and password settings, and be in front of your machine when calling us.

5) Driver/firmware request: Technical support is not allowed to send a copy of the end-user CD-ROM (driver, firmware, user guide...); all available software is published on .
For all other software, please refer to your ISP. Most of the time, Operators and ISPs use customized software with specific configurations.

6) RMA and warranty request: Technical support is not allowed to check online RMA status or warranty period, only your provider/sales shop can inform you.

7) Purchasing order or request: Please note that the Technical support doesnít maintain a specific list of all providers/retailers where devices can be purchased.